Ever reflected that life is not only a gift, it’s many.

Being alive makes you the proud owner of the worlds most advanced Swiss army knife. I like to use that metaphor as it describes well all tools known or still un discovered that make up the gifts we got at the same time we took our first blessed breath.  Some of the tools  you use to manage the passing of hours you probably know well, like happiness. Oh yes, happiness is one of the great gifts in our toolbox that gives life a purpose. The same goes for relaxation, thirst and anxiety. Pleasure of breathing is also way up there.

I think you see my point regarding gifts of life, however the gifts are given with a purpose and here is where things might have gone lost for many of us. (I will talk more about getting lost in another post)

Our gifts are given in order to be exercised, and one of the best way of exercising our gifts is to look upon changes and turns in our life with a sense of discovery and excitement. Seek to enjoy the dynamic properties of our gifts, even negative ones as the gifts are dynamic by nature and the dynamics translates to power.  Naturally there are boundaries that are unique for every one of us and there for we need to take responsibility for our lives in order to walk well prepared through our experiences. This also extend to all life were we have to take care of ourselves and our surrounding in order to find a balance between all living entities in the world.

A uncertain future ideally should be viewed upon with excitement as it  in one way or another will exercise our gifts and contribute with a richer experience. A dull eventless life is not why we were given these opportunities and if our gifts are not exercised we become weak and vulnerable. We should always try to stretch our bow towards challenging opportunities that will create dynamics and give us experience to move further.  The dynamics of our gifts are connected to our emotions and are to be respected, as the power driving the dynamics are feed by ourselves. From time to time the dynamics becomes to diverse for our experience and we might temporary lose our selves. Depression are to be experienced and mastered as they are natural and part of our toolbox. Mastering depressions is not easy an we all go though them and wonder how it will end, but it will parish and opportunities for other gifts will come.  Seek support from you surrounding as this is how it is to be alive, we shall support each other and all existing forms of life and help each other managing the dynamics in our experiences. It’s the mix, blends and dynamics of our experiences with our gifts that gives us the richness of emotions and energy refills that helps us to seek out new challenges.

Cherish your gifts!

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