First post, first blog, first subject.

Without having a well constructed plan or relying on a prepared vision where this would lead I just registered the blog following an impulse.  As I now already written the first sentence I start to think about some boundaries regarding this obviously impulsive experiment and I think I will try to stay within the area of some joy management and contemplation of peace. Sounds vague enough but lovely framed in a distinct topic.

Ok, as I’m obviously rambling on here which might go on forever I better start writing something containing some possible significance or interest to it. Here we go, my personal thoughts about simple things like disappointments.

Depending on who you are or who I might be, there might exist various causes to feel disappointed from time to time. Never towards others of course only at yourself, right?  Yep, that’s right. That was an unexpected and an odd thing to say by a person that just some sentences ago stated that this blog was to be dedicated to Joy and Peace.  Starting off with some self negative projection of insufficient actions to a degree that disappointment of oneself is to be expected hardly seems derive out of joy nor peace.

Well, what seems to be my very intention here is to explain why I think that it’s not possibe over time to feel disappointment towards anyone but (with a very big) maybe towards oneself, this however would in reality mean not recognizing oneself as part of how every other living creature reacts. A disappointment is a emotional illusion created by immature thinking where we believe we are capable of second guessing one other to the level that we even impose our own unspoken expectations of that one persons actions in a calculated future. If this goes wrong we somehow make up a guilt sentence to the victim we wrongly second guessed for not doing or delivering what we came to expect as we were second guessing the scenario in the first place.  Who failed here? I just realize I might in my unplanned manner, accidentally started of with a very heavy subject, as it spans over several insights that might not be Crystal at first glance and will take me some sentences to state.  I guess I will have some follow up blog posts then.  

What I intend to say here is that disappointments renders from our own inabilities to interpret the reality as it is, when it is. That we Feel disappointments is is based on our pattern oriented approach to life where we all fall back to internal processing of reality as soon as we think we have figured out a pattern of our surrounding. You don’t stay long to stare at a candle to figure out or assume that it is going to continue burning in the same way until all candle wax is burned away.  We go on autopilot as soon as we can. This is not negative, just how we behave and as we see that we can identify our own mistakes and refrain from feeling disappointments.

Maybe not as we stand momentarily in the emotional window , but give it some minutes and it’s easier to let it go and relax..

One piece in the puzzle of peace is awareness of our inner working and our ability to self heal emotional fractures. To understand is to find peace.

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